Scientists Grow Shrimp In A Lab And They May End Slavery In Fish Trade

Americans reportedly eat 4 billion pounds of seafood every year. And a large portion of that (a quarter!) is shrimp. Unfortunately fishing for shrimp is a horrible industry. Shrimp fisherman in Thailand for example are essentially slaves. In addition, the shrimp farming industry has a gigantic carbon footprint.

Biotech scientists decided to start with making lab grown shrimp first. You know before they make the rest of the ocean’s creatures in a lab afterwards. The San Francisco based biotech company called New Wave is very close to releasing its fake shrimp and Google has already ordered 200 pounds of New Wave’s fake shrimp for its famous cafeterias.

The company assures us it is not like fake meat such as Tofurky or Boca Burgers, this is actually a recreation of shrimp on a molecular level – almost but not quite – like a clone. It’s also apparently very healthy.

Personally, I’m very curious and will definitely try these pseudo prawns. But saving world hunger? Hmmm.