Former First Lady Laura Bush Might Vote For Hillary Clinton

Joining the ranks of people saying they’d choose anyone over Trump – even if it crossed party lines – is former First Lady Laura Bush. She recently hinted that she would rather see Hillary Clinton in the White House rather than Donald Trump, saying she wants the next president to be someone who cares about women in Afghanistan. Well, I am quite sure your husband, George W. Bush didn’t care too much about women in Afghanistan but I digress.

Ms. Bush was quoted saying:

“I want our next president – whoever he or she might be – to be somebody who is interested in women in Afghanistan and who will continue U.S. policies … that we continue to do what we’re committed to do as a country. That’s who I want – or the kind of people that will do that and will pay attention to our history, and know what’s happened before and know specifically how we can continue to do the good things that we do around the world.”

These statements are on the heels of her recently published book on Afghan women in conjunction with her husband’s George W. Bush Institute titled “We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope.”

Clinton visited Afghanistan four times during her time at the State Department, which indicates a particular dedication to the cause that Mrs. Bush holds dear.

And in stark contrast is Donald Trump who basically has crap foreign policy plans, and essentially regards everyone in the Middle East as terrorists. Cruz isn’t far behind.

You know shit is screwed up when a super right wing person, let alone a super right-wing former first lady, is looking to vote for a democratic woman!