Republican Operative Says Trump Campaign Manager Called Her a “F–king B—h”

Just when you think the Trump campaign can’t possibly get any more insane and vitriolic, it adds one more unsurprising notch of hateful discriminatory bullshit to it’s roster.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager is the perfect example of how violent it has really gotten.

A regional field director for the fiscally conservative activism group Americans for Prosperity, Lisa Bast, just revealed that Lewandowski once threatened to “come really down hard” on her if she didn’t get 50 people to attend an AFP event in Akron, Ohio.

Apparently she missed a 7:00a.m. conference call to prepare for the event with Lewandowski.

Once Lewandowski does manage to get a hold of Bast, he starts yelling at her over the phone thusly:

“Corey gets on the phone and defames my character. He called me incompetent, called me a loser. He called me a f**king b**ch, yelling, ‘I am going to fire your f**king ass!’”

Lewandowski assures everyone that he is innocent of the past battery charges against him from March and of course Trump defends him utterly as being a decent man. He has made no comment of the recent verbal abuse against Bast however.

These people are all complete lunatics.