Woman Makes A Brutally Honest Facebook Post About The Realty Of Living With Anxiety

“God knows why I’m doing this, but people need some home truths..” is how Amber Smith begins her Facebook post that has been shared over 7,000 times since its initial posting on Sunday, April 3rd. Smith, a London resident, then describes the two pictures she posted, seen above.

“Top picture: What I showcase to the world via social media. Dressed up, make up done, filters galore. The ‘normal’ side to me.

Bottom picture: Taken tonight shortly after suffering from a panic attack because of my anxiety. Also the ‘normal’ side to me that most people don’t see.”

We all try to post our “best selves” on social media, but what if we were all actually honest when Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?” Smith then explains that she struggles with severe anxiety and depression, which you might not have ever guessed based on her more ‘polished’ posts.

“Fuck all of you small minded people that think that because I physically look ‘fine’ that I’m not battling a monster inside my head every single day.”

Most effects of social media seem to have a negative connotation. Sure we’re all a little more antisocial and cyber bullying is undoubtably a huge issue, but this kind of open communication also allows for a helpful conversation concerning issues people are otherwise quiet about.

“To anyone who is going through the same, please do not suffer in silence. There is so much support around – Don’t be scared to ask for help.”

Smith even added an edit encouraging people to continue to share the post if they relate.

“EDIT: Please don’t be afraid to share this, there needs to be more awareness. The more awareness there is, the less people who will suffer in silence.”