Trans Student Victoriously Fights To Run For Prom King, Lives Out Story That Will Definitely Be Optioned As A Movie In The Next 3 To 5 Years

A trans junior from Tremper High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin has successfully rallied for the right to run for prom king, also winning our hearts along the way, seriously, this kid is a goddamn hero.

Ash Whitaker began his fight, along with an ongoing crusade to use the boys’ bathroom, by simply signing up and working toward the required number of volunteer hours. When the school refused to let him participate, he responded by creating a petition, which now has over 5,000 signatures.

“It is not about the Prom King court itself, it is not about the bathroom usage itself, it is the concept behind it,” Ash said in an interview with Fresh U. “I am not being treated on an equal level with other teenage boys who attend the school.”

After more than 70 students also protested, Tremper High got a little bit more woke: Ash is officially allowed to run for — and, let’s be real, definitely win — the position of prom king.

“In order to meet the needs of all students while maintaining what has historically been done, any student who qualifies for Tremper High School prom court will be listed on the ballot under the gender for which they identify,” said Tanya Ruder, a spokesperson for the district, said in a statement.

Ash is still working to be permitted in the boys’ bathroom, but we have a feeling he’s not going to give up on that battle any time soon.

No report has been made as to what cis white male celebrity will controversially play Ash in the movie that will inevitably made about his story.