HBO “Officially” Confirms That Jon Snow Is “Dead,” But No One Should Buy This Claptrap

HBO has “confirmed” that Jon Snow is “dead,” and some smug bloggers (I’m looking at you, Vulture) say that the time has come to “move on from denial to acceptance.” Nay, I say, nay!

The news comes after an official Game of Thrones synopsis from HBO states explicitly that “Jon Snow is dead.” But this isn’t new information. We knew that he was dead at the end of season five. If anyone has been fantasizing that Jon Snow doesn’t die from getting stabbed over and over and over by trained fighters, they’re kidding themselves. The issue isn’t “Is Jon Snow alive?” The issue is “When and how is Jon Snow going to be raised from the dead?”

After all, the books feature characters who have risen from the dead repeatedly, a character who’s resurrected (both having to do with the Lord of Light, who, ahem, Melisandre worships), and then there’s Coldhands, who in the Song of Ice and Fire books is presumably either resurrected or some kind of White Walker with a heart of gold. There are so many possibilities! “Jon Snow is dead” just doesn’t mean much in a fictional world that has magic.

So let’s all stop harping on this idea that Jon Snow is dead-dead. You can’t make fetch happen, HBO; we all see through your lies.


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