Facebook Wishes You Were More Comfortable Sharing All Of Your Feelings

Just like your mother who wishes you would call her more than once every couple of months and only when you have forgotten the HBO Go password, Facebook is sad that you don’t tell them anything about your life anymore.  According to Bloomberg, the social network is actively trying to reverse the steep decline of personal information shared by its users – “the fuel that helps power the money machine at the heart of its social network.”

All of those weird personal messages that you see from Facebook itself when you log in to hate-scroll your feed and to obsessively check on your frenemies’ recent activity? Those were initiatives launched specifically to goad users into sharing the one thing we definitely need to hear more of: opinions and personal ramblings best reserved for a personal Tumblr, Instagram DMs or the locked Twitter feed you maintain strictly for screaming into the void.

Facebook has tried several tactics to encourage more of these posts, such as an “On This Day” feature launched last year that brings up memories from past years that users might want to talk about again, or reminders about special occasions like Mother’s Day. Facebook has also prompted users to post the most recent photos and other recently accessed content from their phones.

This is all part of what Facebook insiders are calling a “context collapse,” which sounds alarming, but is really just an acknowledgement of the fact that everything changes, all the time. Facebook in 2016, for the majority of users, has become a weird minefield of branded messages, publishers pushing links and a repository for all the articles that made it off your friends’ RSS feeds that they didn’t have time to read, but really wanted to. This isn’t what Facebook wanted, man! They want your life — all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the jiggly, the mediocre — and they’ll stop at nothing to get it!

If typing is too hard, and you’re less inclined to share the details of the lunch you just ate with your grandma, your three aunts and then a bunch of people from college you don’t speak to anymore, don’t worry. The recently-launched live video tool will allow users to film themselves doing whatever and whenever, like an extended FaceTime call, but for everyone whose “friendship” you’ve accepted, just like you’ve always wanted.