Clingy Dog Won’t Leave Owner Alone To Poop, Play Candy Crush, Sleep

Pet owners have to relinquish plenty of small pleasures in order to share their lives with an animal, whether that’s sleeping in, staying inside during inclement weather, or going to the bathroom in peace. Lauren Birney’s dog Cyrus, a jowly Bullmastiff, has taken things to the next level, as per these damning pictures from Instagram.

Birney, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, told Bored Panda, “Sometimes I have no idea that he is creeping on me until I get up off a seat or look around the room and find he will be standing behind an object with his head sticking out staring at me.” However, she’s quick to point out that Cyrus is also a generous little dude. “Apart from being a convicted creeper, Cyrus is also a life saver. He donates blood every 4 months at WAVES emergency vet here in Perth. He saves the lives of other dogs who need blood donations in emergencies!”

Birney has two American Staffordshire Terriers named Beerus & Lou Lou, and they’re also totally freaking adorable, although perhaps a tad less needy. Seriously, though. Could you resist this punim?

This is everything

A photo posted by Cyrus, Beerus & Lou Lou (@cyrusandfriends) on Mar 5, 2016 at 3:00am PST

[Bored Panda]

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