Nikki Glaser Loves Talking About Sex And Wants You To Know Why

There’s no denying that Nikki Glaser is a dominating force in the comedy scene right now. Her Comedy Central show Not Safe with Nikki Glaser will air its season finale this coming Tuesday and her first ever hour-long special, “Perfect”, will debut this coming Saturday, also on Comedy Central

In an interview with Refinery29, Glaser delves into what it’s like to be a female comedian tackling the subject of sex and why it is she’s so curious and passionate about sex in the first place.

“My boyfriend and I were developing [the show] together, and he was like ‘Well, you’re one of the biggest pervs I know, so maybe it should be something about that,’ and I was like ‘You’re right, that’s true.’ So we built the show around making people feel less shame around sex. I know [shame] was something that I dealt with early on, and just being scared about sex and not knowing about it, so I kind of want to be that voice for girls.”

Glaser explains that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 21, which seems to be considered “late in the game”according to the mainstream, but 19-25 is the age-range for me and most of my girlfriends.

“And I didn’t ‘wait,’ I was just really scared that I was going to do it wrong, or that I was going to be bad at it, or my vagina was going to be gross, or whatever was going to happen. And then, as soon as I did, I was just like, That was it? and then I just wanted to talk about it all the time.”

Hosting a show that is sex oriented, you bet Glaser gets a lot of harassment from many an online troll.

“And then they’ll write stuff on Twitter that’s like ‘You’re so hot, I can jerk off to you and fucking laugh at the same time.’ That’s not a compliment!

…Because I have a show about sex, I’m just a harlot who just wants to fuck everyone and is open to it? Even if I were, it doesn’t mean you can say whatever the fuck you want to me…”

For Glaser, the rewards of encouraging an open dialogue about sex definitely outweigh the cons. When asked what she hopes the future holds for her show, Not SafeGlaser lays down her inspirational mantra.

“I just want high schoolers and the kids watching these shows to be more educated and informed and to make their own decisions and to not be scared or feel like they’re weird…If one person watches the show and hears me say I thought my vagina was gross because I had labia that were longer than I thought they should be, but then I found out they weren’t…if I would’ve heard that, that would’ve saved me years of anguish and hating myself and not wanting to get fingered. I could have gotten fingered for years if I would’ve known that there was a girl out there on TV who said it’s okay to have a long labia.”

Here’s to Glaser’s efforts to have young women be more informed and confidently finger-banged! Click here for the full interview with Refinery29’s Hayley MacMillen.