Nana On A Train: Hillary’s Terrifying Brush With Our Everyday Lives

Hillary Clinton turned into every grandmother visiting New York on Thursday when she tried to get through a subway turnstile, only to face the cold, steel rejection of a metal bar across her guts.

A Twitter user caught this deer-in-the-headlights photo of Our Fair Clinton, and BuzzFeed has GIFed the whole encounter, but any urbanite can tell you that a wonky subway turnstile can legitimately ruin your commute. It’s so much pressure! As people are piling up behind you, you just have to stand there swiping, swiping, swiping your card, wondering why the world has foresaken you. Did you forget to get the monthly pass? Do you even have enough money to get a monthly pass? Why did you spend your last two dollars on a donut instead of using it now, in your time of need?

If Hillary wins, I hope she demolishes the NYC subway as retribution and replaces it with a tram.