Indiana Sued By Planned Parenthood And ACLU Over “Fetal Funerals” Law

Last month, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed an extreme and, frankly, bizarre anti-abortion bill into law–today, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU filed a joint lawsuit to prevent the clearly unconstitutional law from going into effect.

The law itself bans doctors from providing abortions if they think the person having the abortion is having it based on the sex or race of the child, or for a genetic abnormality such as Down’s Syndrome; requires patients to see an ultrasound and listen to a fetal heartbeat 18 hours before the operation occurs; requires providers to have “admitting priviliges;” and, perhaps most bizarrely, requires patients to pay to have the fetus buried or cremated. Yeah, fetal funerals, Mike Pence wants them.

“The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly stressed that a woman, not the state, is to determine whether or not to obtain an abortion,”  said ACLU of Indiana Legal Director Ken Falk. “The State of Indiana’s attempt to invade a woman’s privacy and to control her decision in this regard is unprecedented and unconstitutional.”

Mike Fichter, president of Indiana Right To Life said in a statement that he believes opposition to the law is motivated entirely by a desire for money, and all the sweet sweet dollars the abortion biz rakes in.

“This is the same song and dance we have seen from the abortion provider anytime they feel their lucrative abortion business is threatened,” Fichter said in a statement, “They oppose any common sense law that protects women and children because they want to protect their bottom line.”

Um. Please tell me what about holding a funeral for a fetus is “common sense?” Or what about any of this is “common sense?” Or how it “protects women?” Does Mike Fichter think that women who have abortions are too stupid to know if they want to have an abortion or not? Or that we are too stupid to see what it is you’re trying to do here? Also, if this really were all about money, then why are there so many of us out there, who do not perform abortions for a living, that are pissed off about this shit. Huh?

Naturally, Gov. Pence is still insisting that this law is totally constitutional. Why? Because he said so! No, really–the Indiana Attorney General sent out a statement saying that “that any law passed by the Legislature and the governor is presumed constitutional until a court decides otherwise.” Sure, you just keep telling yourselves that.

[Associated Press]