A Woman Has Lost An Eye To Glitter

“So it’s been a year since I lost my eye to glitter,” reads the worst sentence in the English language. In a freak arts & crafts accident, a fleck of glitter cut Erica Diaz’s cornea. After two failed cornea transplants and an infection that almost killed her, she now has a prosthetic. Her two young daughters think they have a “very metal” mom, Diaz writes. She’s tracked her year of surgeries and setbacks on Imgur.

Diaz is allergic to much of the anesthesia that would have helped her deal with the intensity of the pain, so she’s had to cycle through various medications and treatments. In what she calls a “side drama,” Diaz was also forced to cut off her long hair after the powerful drugs during surgery dripped into her hairline, essentially melting her hair off. Here’s the kicker: Her insurance company has somehow decided the prosthetic wasn’t a medical necessity.

A friend set up a GoFundMe page to help with Diaz’s health expenses, which a little over halfway to its $5,000 goal. Diaz’s mantra today is “fuck glitter.” If you can’t fuck glitter entirely, for the love of god use eye protection.


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