Enough About Sookie—Where’s Miss Patty? Entertainment Weekly Has Exclusive ‘Gilmore Girls’ News

Ever since Netflix partnered with Amy Sherman-Palladino to tease out the possibility of a new season of Gilmore Girls, fans have been going nuts. Now we know there will be four 90-minute episodes to be released later this year, and Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive this week about what’s been happening in Stars Hollow. Based on the photos, we can tell a few things:

  1. Lorelei and Luke are holding hands! 
    They might be together! This might be a joke! He could be helping her leap over a puddle for all we know.
  2. Rory is a teacher
    Based on the way “Jane Eyre” is scribbled on the board, she’s clearly teaching English, which, like, duh.
  3. Patty and Babette are still doing events around town
    Never change, ladies.
  4. Coffee is still a diet staple
    It’s probably replaced their bloodstream at this point.
  5. Emily is going to have to deal with being a widow
    Actor Edward Hermann passed away in real life, so Emily (Kelly Bishop) is all alone (insert cry-moji)

When I rewatched the episodes last year, I found myself thinking Rory and Lorelei were very annoying and spoiled. Could this new slew of movies bring me back around?