Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Accused Of Sexual Abuse By 4

Dennis Hastert, former Illinois Congressman and Speaker of The House, has been under investigation for quite some time for having paid out over $3.5 million in hush money, allegedly to people he sexually abused during his tenure as a high school teacher and wrestling coach. Last year, when he was first arraigned, Hastert said he was a “victim” too, because he was being blackmailed. The poor baby.

An investigation by the Chicago Tribune has uncovered four of those victims deemed credible by investigators, though is not releasing three of the living victim’s identities for obvious reasons. The sister of another victim, Stephen Reinboldt, died of AIDS in 1995, has long spoken about what he told her about having been abused by Hastert as a teenager.

Reportedly, Hastert attempted to get the family of one of his victims to say nice things on his behalf–“With the sentencing hearing looming, a source said Hastert called one of Individual D’s relatives, hoping to get a letter to show Hastert had done good things with his life; that letter could help persuade [U.S. District Judge Thomas] Durkin to give Hastert a more lenient sentence.”

That didn’t work, although after hearing about this, Individual D called them up and offered to give his own testimony–about what Hastert had done to him.

Let me just point a few things out here for those of you too young to remember, or who weren’t even alive in the ’90s. Dennis Hastert was one of the three House Speakers who impeached Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He replaced Bob Livingston after news of Livingston’s own extramarital affair came to light. Bob Livingston replaced Newt Gingrich…who, well, you know. He resigned as Speaker after it came out that he had known about Sen. Mark Foley’s tendency to send sexually explicit emails to young men working as congressional pages and kept it quiet. Guess they protect their own, huh!

As a Republican legislator, Hastert opposed same-sex marriage and voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, meant to protect people from being fired due to their sexual orientation. Also, again, he is most likely a child molester.

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