Florida Woman Calls Gov. Rick Scott An Asshole Because He Is An Asshole

This past Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott walked into a Starbucks to get his a very expensive, complicated coffee I presume. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the rest of us,  Florida resident, Cara Jennings, was also at this particular Starbucks and she was not having it. Even more fortunately for us, somebody filmed the exchange between Jennings and Gov. Scott. Being from Florida myself, I’m relieved to see a news story that includes “Florida woman” and doesn’t include “murder” or “pants-less” or both. Progress!

A week prior to this happenstance, Gov. Scott had signed a bill that,according to The Washington Post, will

“cut all state funding to entities that perform abortions, like Planned Parenthood. It adds massive new restrictions to abortion providers, including requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and requiring the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration to conduct yearly reviews on the clinics, going over at least 50 percent of the records.”

“You stripped women of access to public healthcare. Shame on you, Rick Scott,” declares Jennings, a stay at home mom who works odd jobs to make ends meet. “You don’t care about working people” she insists during the exchange. I should probably note that Florida’s unemployment is currently at 4.9 percent, which is not great, but is pretty average in the US right now.

Jennings told a representative from The Washington Post that “I think it’s important that people engage elected officials.” I think so too. Watch to see just that in the video below.