Cameron Diaz Wrote a Whole Book So You Would Get Off Her Jock About Aging

Cameron Diaz, traditionally beautiful Hollywood actress, has started to notice that once you’re no longer a hot, single ingenue the world treats you like a bag of hot dumps. Diaz started exploring why people are so obsessed with beauty in 2013 with The Body Book, and is now continuing with The Longevity Book, a guide to helping women understand the science behind aging well.

She told Entertainment Weekly that it’s empowering to understand our natural decline, and she just wants people to live a “happy, healthy, strong life.” She apparently traces anti-aging techniques that have been used throughout history, health risks, and thinks it’s utter bullshit that people thought her career would suffer when she turned 40.

People were asking me if I was scared to turn 40, and I thought, “Why? I feel amazing! Why should I be afraid of turning 40?” I realized they weren’t talking about my physical well being, they were talking about my career and whether I would be able to withstand being a 40-year old in society. If people didn’t see me as a 25-year old, who would I be?

I kind of want to read this? It’s like the old lady version of Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance. I hope more and more actors turn to science to explain why the world is a terrible place!