Anti-LGBT Weirdos Claim The “Day Of Silence” Is “Mentally Raping” Their Children

Each April since 1996, LGBT students and allies have held a Day of Silence in order to spread awareness about the silencing and bullying of LGBT students.

Of course, even this subtle protest, which merely involves spending a day not talking, is enough to drive certain types of people to hysterics. Thus, a bunch of anti-LGBT groups–like the American Family Association, the Liberty Counsel and Concerned Women For America–are getting together to organize a “DOS Walkout.” Although it isn’t so much a “walkout” as it is keeping their kids home from school that day so they don’t have to witness the horror of people not talking.

Oddly, their point is that the other children being silent disrupts the learning process of their children–which I imagine would also be disrupted by them not attending school at all.

Right Wing Watch reports that, in addition to this “action” or whatever, several right-wing pundits are writing completely bizarre missives about how totally evil and “Satanic” the DOS is.

Linda Harvey, for example, claimed on World Nut Daily that it was a form of “mental molestation” invented by Satan or something.

The “Day of Silence” is a stunning example of the widespread indoctrination of youth culture with trashy, deviant behavior masquerading as acceptable conduct. The GLSEN-sponsored pro-homosexual event is a well-developed exercise in cultural Marxism and, I have come to believe, a tragic symbol of the rapid demise of America.

And ironically, it poses as a protest of “bullying.” Satan is laughing as he messes with the minds and bodies of our dear children. This event is a blatant exercise in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual molestation as our children become apologists for sodomy and gender confusion.

Oh, and she would really prefer it if instead of allowing the Day of Silence, that teachers would take the opportunity to tell students that there is no such thing as gay people.

What if we declared that there are [sic], or shouldn’t be, any such students? That no one is born this way? That these are destructive behaviors that no conference should ever, ever be detailing to our precious kids? And these are identities that no day of silence should ever honor?

HUH. Well, I’m sure that would make you happy Linda, but it would be pretty awkward given that I think we’re all pretty sure that LGBT people do in fact exist and are not figments of anyone’s imagination.

Yet another Linda, Linda Wall–an “ex-gay” activist who works with MassResistance Virginia, claims that the Day of Silence is mentally raping children.

As someone who had been in homosexual behavior for almost ten years and was no longer a part of that sinful behavior, my heart went out to the unsuspecting children who were mentally being raped by this effort to normalize a behavior that the three major religions of the world call abominable.

Two Lindas agree! LGBT people and allies can mentally molest and/or rape other children by not talking. By merely existing, even! That is some kind of magic power. What’s next? Are they going to show their children a doll and ask them “Where did the LGBT students touch you in your brain?”

Though, to be fair–there could be something to this, as both Lindas are clearly a bit touched in the head themselves.