A Woman Murdered Her Husband And Made Him Into Doggie Treats

You know all those dark murder fantasies you harbor towards your significant other? The ones in which you demolish their flesh and feed them to your pet? Wait, you don’t have those?! Well, apparently a woman in Mallorca not only had these violent visions, but fully carried them out on her late husband.

Svetlana Batukova had recently married her husband Horst Hans Heckels (yes, that’s his name), when she suffered from a drug induced psychotic episode that inspired her to murder and maim him in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable. The details themselves are not funny or pretty, so proceed with caution.

The NYP reports:

“Batukova, who regularly posted pictures online of herself cuddling her Staffordshire bull terrier, stabbed Henkels with a kitchen knife last Friday, police said.

As he lay bleeding out on the floor, she carved off slices of his arm down to the bone and hand-fed them to her beloved dog, authorities said.

Batukova waited hours to call the cops. When police did arrive at the house in the Spanish resort community of Cala Millor in Mallorca, they found her standing next to a pool of Henkels’ blood.

Batukova appeared in court for a closed-door hearing Monday to face murder charges. It is still unclear whether the case will go to trial or how long she could spend in jail as investigators continue piecing together the deadly attack.”

I understand that investigators must prosecute this case according to the law. But, when you find a woman in a pool of her husband’s blood feed strips of human meat to her dog, maybe lock her up forever lest we find a questionable new brand of dog treats on the market?! That seems like a reasonable plan of action.

Apparently this wasn’t the first dispute between the couple, the two years prior to their wedding were filled with calls to the police over domestic disputes. If there’s an afterlife, I hope that man is somewhere safe with a vegetarian cat and a peaceful woman, or no woman at all.