6 Beer-Related Activities That Won’t Leave You Hungover

Happy National Beer Day! Unfortunately, it falls on a Thursday this year, which means that you probably shouldn’t go out boozing tonight to celebrate. Lucky for you, there are a surprising number of options for beer celebrations that won’t leave you hungover. Prost!

Beer Yoga: Yup, it’s a thing! I guess it makes sense — they’re both relaxing.

Gardening With Beer: Beer can fertilize your lawn, act as a fly trap, be a compost starter, and trap snails and earwigs.

Beer Shampoo: Apparently there is actual science behind beer helping your hair. Dope! Pour flat, warm beer straight into your hair into shiny lushness, or buy a beer shampoo.

Beer Facial: Beer works for your face for a lot of the same reasons it works for your hair — it contains a lot of nutrients and proteins. Putting beer on your face rather than in your face will reportedly make you look refreshed. Check out this recipe!

Beer Pedicure: The yeast in beer can help to soften up your Flintstone feet. Get instructions here.

Just A Few Food-Related Suggestions:

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