Watch This 9-Year Old Journalist Report Some Murders and Shuts Down Haters

Look—Hilde Kate Lysiak is not here for your bullshit. The 9-year old Pennsylvanian reporter started a neighborhood newspaper to keep YOU informed, so stop sending her messages about how she should be playing with dolls. She has murders to solve, okay?

The Guardian published an op-ed by the tiny terror, giving Lysiak a chance to tell her side of the story after she went viral last week. Some residents of Selingrove, Pennsylvania left her terrible messages on her website and social media accounts, but that’s not going to stop our fearless overlord. From her point of view, she did the right thing.

I acted on a tip from a good source that I was able to get through some of my other reporting. After confirming with the police department, I then went straight to the scene and spoke to neighbors and got more information. I worked very hard.

But wait, there’s more:

In fact, some other news sites run by adults were reporting the wrong information or no information at all while the Orange Street News was at the scene doing the hard work to report the facts to the people.

Oh, snap! You tell ‘em, baby girl! Were YOU HATIN’ ASS HATERS on the street, getting these facts? I didn’t think so! I sincerely love the balls on this kid and can’t wait to vote for her for president.