UVA’s “Jackie” Will Be Forced To Testify In Defamation Case

A judge has ruled that “Jackie” from Rolling Stone’s infamous “A Rape On Campus” will have to submit to deposition in one of two defamation lawsuits that have been filed against the magazine. The lawsuit was filed by Nicole Eramo, an associate dean at UVA, who says that the magazine tried to incorrectly characterize her as an antagonist in Jackie’s story — the story claimed that Eramo told Jackie not to call the police, while Eramo claims that she was in fact the person who connected Jackie with the police.

Jackie’s lawyers argued that submitting to a deposition would re-traumatize a sexual assault survivor, but the judge ruled that Jackie would be deposed nonetheless. Eramo’s and Rolling Stone’s lawyers won’t be able to ask her about the details of her alleged assault, and the records will be sealed to the public. Meaning, of course, that all of us hungry monsters won’t be able to do anything more than speculate until the case is decided.

[The Guardian]

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