The Game Is Launching Weed Lemonade Just In Time For Spring

The Game is truly a modern renaissance man. His creative blessings aren’t limited to his musical career, but also spread through his erotic Instagram pics of his own junk, and now he’s expanding his beautiful offerings into his new line of cannabis infused lemonade. They’re called G drinks and they are providing the much needed answer to the question: What would happen if Mike’s Hard Lemonade had weed and didn’t taste like sweetened toilet water?!

Soon, weed fans will be able to snuggle into a hammock and blast The Game’s “Celebration” while sippin’ one of the three flavors: original, pink and strawberry. Each drink is laced with G FarmaBrand’s liquid cannabis oil, so you can get refreshed and existential just in time for spring. They’re currently only slated for release in California and Washington, which means the rest of us will remain thirsty while experiencing a very specific beverage-based FOMO. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH OUR HEARTS LIKE THAT, MR GAME?!