New Domino’s App Will Order Pizza For You, No Effort Or Human Contact Required

Domino’s has created a new app that enables “zero-click ordering.”  All you have to do is open the app, and it will order a pizza for you. The future!

Well, kind of, anyway. You have to sync the app with your account on the Domino’s website, and pick an “Easy Order” pizza to which the app will be dedicated. It gives you ten seconds to change your mind if you open the app accidentally or are just extremely indecisive. The Verge points out that you could theoretically also butt-order pizza, but is that really a downside? If you were chilling and a pizza showed up and you figured out that you had butt-dialed Domino’s, in what world would you be disappointed?

I appreciate the fact that Domino’s knows its customers. The people who get this app are not going to be Neapolitan Nervous Nellies; they’re going to be people who are so, so dedicated to pizza; people who care less about the quality or cost of pizza than they care about getting that ‘za into their pizza-holes. Domino’s may have just created the perfect app.

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