Blac Chyna Will Get That Kardashian Name Any Way She Can

Angela White, better known as Blac Chyna, will soon be Angela Kardashian. Does she know that they don’t just give you bags of money for having the name?

According to US Weekly, the makeup artist, private dancer and, um, model known for her friendship with Amber Rose and being the mother of Tyga’s child, King Cairo is eager to take her husband’s name when she marries Rob Kardashian sometime in the indeterminate future. Congratulations, Angela! Congratulations Rob! Just so we’re all clear on the tangled web that Blac Chyna has finally finished weaving, here’s why this is so delicious.

Tyga, the father of Blac Chyna’s child, is dating Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. If this happy couple makes it to the altar, Blac Chyna will be Kylie’s sister-in-law, Tyga’s ex-partner-mother-of-child-sister-in-law-by-marriage and King Cairo, poor thing, will be confused. Here, we made a chart for you, go look at that if you’re still confused.

Rob apparently designs socks for a company called Arthur George, which sounds like a British breathing disease, so I hope Ms. Chyna holds out for that game app money.