Beyoncé Is Suing The Guts Out Of The Engagement Store Feyoncé

The San Antonio-based engagement store probably thought they were being cute when they named their shop “Feyonce,” in obvious homage to pop-queen Beyonce. Unfortunately for them and their loyal following of couples who love a good lyrical pun, Beyonce was not so amused by their blatant “inspiration” and has filed an infringement complaint.

My first thought upon hearing that is almost empathetic towards Feyonce, after all — does Bey really need more money?! But upon seeing their merchandise, it’s clear that their whole brand is essentially cutely framed plagiarism. From mugs that rip off the lyrics of “Single Ladies” to sweatshirts identical to Beyonce’s tour swag, it’s apparent Feyonce has brought nothing of their own to the table.

CREDIT: Feyonce
CREDIT: Feyonce

Beyonce’s accusations claim the store is infringing on her “goodwill and notoriety,” which seems reasonable given the fact that their whole gimmick is riffing on her name and lyrics. Perhaps wrongly convinced that they’re “Irreplaceable,” the engagement store has already ignored a cease-and-desist from Bey’s licensing company and even went so far as to file for their own trademarks so as to legally safeguard their puns.

They would have done well to “Listen,” as Bey is about to remind them who truly “Run The World.”