A New App Lets You Check If Your Partner Is Using Tinder

Just last summer we were parsing through the charred remains of love thanks to the Ashley Madison hack. Now, thanks to the Information Age, a new website is here to complicate your Tinder experience.

For $5, Swipe Buster will let you search to see if users are active on Tinder. Input your target’s first name, location, age, and gender to search. Then the site will show you when the user last logged on, their photos, and if they’re searching for men or women. As Vanity Fair points out, the results may become challenging to search through in high-density areas. Overall, it works.

The man who created Swipe Buster — who goes unnamed in VF’s article — isn’t doing this to make money, you see. He tells VF that “his goal is instead to create awareness that this data can be mined in a short amount of time and to have Tinder respond by making it private as quickly as possible.”

Anyway, if you must spend $5 instead of talking to your partner about his/her extrarelationship activities, I advise that listen to this song, below, while you do so.