The Neko Atsume Cats Are Huge Assholes

Funny or Die has a particularly interesting video up today that gives viewers an unprecedented insight into the lives of Neko Atsume cats. Here’s a hot tip: They don’t give a flying eff about you.

For the uninitiated, Neko Atsume is a deceptively soothing iPhone game where you have a yard, and cats show up in that yard based on the sort of treats and objects you put out for them. They leave you gold and silver fish when they’re done, or maybe a weird tchotchke like a child’s amusement park wristband or a dirty cat toy, and you use those fish to buy them fancier food and stuff. It’s all quite absurd! Yet there’s an entire cottage industry on Etsy for all things related to the game, not to mention various forums to share pics of your Atsume non-adventures and tips on how to coax the rare cats to show up in your yard and leave you special gifts.

This Funny or Die video explores the darker side of Neko Atsume, and we’re not talking about whatever Guy Furry is serving up in that ice cream sundae. What they really think of you and your fish-hoarding ways will make you rethink ever wearing your Tubbs pin in public again.

[The AV Club]