Melania Trump Attempts To Defend Her Hateful Husband

This past Monday, Melania Trump sat beside her husband and proceeded to smile and nod at everything he said throughout a lengthy interview for Fox News. The event was conducted by Sean Hannity at Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Town Hall and is a whopping 40 minutes long. Melania says a grand total of 9 sentences.

Having Melania on stage with Trump sparked a lot of interest since she has been virtually silent throughout  his campaign. Her responses in the interview are unsurprisingly just as generic as her holiday Tweets.

During the interview, Hannity asks Melania for her to address the speculation that her husband is a woman hater. To which she responds,

“I think he’s the man, he respects women, he hires the women on the highest positions and he trusts them and he’s the one that he will take care of them. He is the only one.”

She simply does not give any example at all and Hannity is quick to move onto the next topic and address Trump directly instead of trying to get any kind of real, grounded response from Melania. Her response when asked about her hesitation for him to run is straight up incoherent.

“Well, when we discussed and he ask me I said, ‘You know, we have a great life.’ Because I know life changes after all that’s going on… It changed a lot and you know he’s not home much with me or with my son. So, it’s changed. That’s why I said, but I know what he could do for the America, so.”

I don’t believe anything this woman says in this interview, from the moment she says ““Of course, it’s great to be here.” No you’re not Melania. Admit it, you rather be in your massive home doing whatever it is you do with your days.