HBO Is Blessing Game Of Thrones Fans With A Recap Show

Game of Thrones will be getting — wait for it — keep waiting — its own Talking Dead-style aftershow on HBO this season, After the Thrones. UGH, YES. If you’re anything like me and after catching up through season four you read all of the Song of Ice and Fire books and then spent hours and hours poring through theory forums and SOIAF wikis to fill the gaping hole between seasons, this is better April-related news even than Beyoncé’s album dropping. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, I just also desperately need more Thrones.

And now we get a twofer! We get GoT, we get After the Thrones. And! And! We get Silicon Valley in between. HBO cares for us like a doting mother.

Grantland GoT recappers Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald will be bringing their years of Throning to the hosting spots on this show. I sincerely hope that Mallory Rubin will also be involved for some lady-related field-leveling. At some point, you have to draw a line in the gender ratio on Game of Thrones, right? Like, if the author of the books has a penis, the showrunners have penises, and the people running the aftershow have penises, then eventually you have to have a proportionate number of naked penises on the show (given the number of naked boobs and vagines on the show), or you have to get some ladies up in the production staff. Or both! How about both?

After the Thrones will premiere on April 25. Winter is most definitely coming, my friends!


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