Gay Talese Couldn’t Think Of A Single Female Writer Who Inspired Him, So These Writers Made Him A List

Super influential journalist Gay Talese was recently asked which female writers inspired him at a convention at Boston University. His response was a disappointing “I didn’t know any women writers that I loved.” He explained that female journalists weren’t interested in “uneducated” or “anti-social” types when Talese was young and new to the field. Boy did that upset the aspiring journalists in attendance, and rightfully so. Twitter was also very upset, once word got out.

These comments from writers that were in attendance have since gotten viral attention. Some notable journalists like Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi have taken it upon themselves to make Talese a long list of influential journalists and writers who happen to be women.


My personal favorite of all the responses as to be this one:

IDGAF either.