$248 Feather Headdresses And More At The Free People Festival Shop

It’s April, and festival season is now upon us: That delightful period of the year when people with more money than God go to a bunch of very expensive music festivals in order deck themselves out in very expensive and culturally appropriative ensembles and pose for Instagram pictures, just like the real hippies used to do!

This grand tradition traces back all the way back to Woodstock ’94, which–unlike the original three day festival of peace and love (which cost $18, although nobody actually paid that)–was only two days long and cost $135 to attend. This was considered an insane amount of money to spend on a concert at that time, and also–if you were to ask my mother–a definite sign of the coming apocalypse. Given the way things have turned out, I think she may have been right.

Naturally, Free People, the store for people who want to pay a fuckton of money in order to look like people who purposely do not spend a lot of money on clothing as a pointed rejection of capitalism and consumer culture, has got your back this year!

Click on through the gallery to see some of the definitely-not-completely-insane things you can buy in their official Festival Shop.