This Chihuahua In A Police Chase Is A True Rebel Without A Cause

Normally when I picture a rebel without a cause I envision James Dean donning his signature red-leather, leaning dangerously while smoking a cigarette. Rebellion takes many forms. Occasionally those forms are that of a tiny chihuahua leading the California Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase across the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

The tiny little 5-pound warrior  managed to effectively cause the bridge to shut down while his athletic level sprinting had Highway Patrol officers chasing him before eventually bringing him to safety. He’s now safe in custody where officers are likely asking him what protein shakes he relies on for endurance training, and what it feels like to be the tiniest badass.

A name or owner for the pup hasn’t yet been identified, which isn’t surprising because this guy seems like he can do damn well for himself and needs no bumbling human owner to fuck up his vibes. After all, maybe he’s just a cool-ass teen trying to get away from some parents that just don’t understand?! We don’t know what this dog needs, and  if he’s so hell-bent on finding his peace of freedom I say LET THE DOG FREE!