Sarah Palin And This Giant Dead Hog Hope Wisconsin Will Vote Trump

This weekend, Sarah Palin traveled to Wisconsin! Why? Well, to reel in some voters for Donald Trump in a state where Ted Cruz is currently leading in polls.

As part of this quest, Palin gave a speech to Wisconsin Republicans. A speech not entirely unlike a jam band song, in that it lasted 22 minutes and you’d have to be on drugs of some kind in order for it to make any kind of sense. A speech in which she claimed that companies were luring immigrants to America with “gift baskets” filled with “teddy bears and soccer balls.”

Perhaps even more strangely, in this speech, she described Donald Trump as the only candidate that speaks “rationally.” You know, because rational speech is often characterized by delusions in which one cannot recall what he said two days ago, insisting that he beats Hillary Clinton in polls when he decidedly does not, insisting that Mexico is going to pay for a wall when they definitely are not going to do that, and claiming that he’s going to have the respect of world leaders when they are all already mocking the shit out of him. That kind of “rational.”

Her speech, as you might imagine, did not go over well.

However, in a last minute bid to really sway voters, Palin posted a picture of herself posing with a very large dead hog on Facebook. You know, because that is the kind of thing people are into? Maybe sexually? I don’t know.

Along with the picture, which you can see above, Palin posted this missive:

On Wisconsin!

Faith of America is in you to take us forward on Tuesday; to remain strong and independent of the status quo political establishment so your vote will truly represent your optimistic spirit and desire to WORK! Hardworking Wisconsinites deserve much better than a repeat of the establishment’s agenda that led to losing this great state to Obama in 2012 – by 200,000 votes!

The continued games of the permanent political class will assure a Hillary victory unless you tell them “ENOUGH!” and vote for bold, new leadership that puts your interests before party politics. Vote for your jobs and security. Vote for the first candidate since Reagan who is growing the Commonsense Conservative movement… the only one who’s created middle class jobs… the only one not living off your tax dollars… the only one Wisconsin can count on to steer us away from the rocky shoals ahead.

Vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday to make America great again.

This is the message shared with diverse Wisconsin voters this weekend, including those of you I’m thrilled to see today at “Zingers and Flingers” Gun Range in Wausau today at 12:30. See you there!

As a person who always scored very high on reading comprehension tests in school, I have no idea what to make of this. It appears to be a lot of buzzwords linked together in a completely meaningless way, which I suppose is her trademark now. And then, you know, the large dead hog that she apparently just shot.

Will this work? I honestly don’t know. It’s totally possible that there are a lot of people who are really into word salad, large dead hogs and Donald Trump.

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