Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Employees Claim The Factory Is Like A Sweatshop

Despite the widespread popularity of the makeup itself, working as an employee at Kylie Jenner’s famous Lip Kit Factory is a shitty gig. Some recent employee reviews disclosed that working under the 18-year-old millionaire provides less than ideal conditions, including but not limited to minimum wage, no benefits, and little-to-no-upward mobility.

Radar reports some of the reviews:

“A lot of employees, not enough space,” a review from March 8, 2016, reads.

“Long hours, no home life,” a production worker claimed in February 2016. “Was only provided with lab coat, hair net and safety glasses. No benefits.” While the worker said they loved to “see how makeup was made from start to finish,” they claimed “… The makeup particles made me cough and sick.”

In January 2016, a line assembly employee called the factory a “sweat shop!” They ranted, “The pay is very minimal for the amount of work that is requested with no benefits … work environment very uncomfortable.”

As much as I’d love to be surprised by this information, the premise of the moneyed 18-year-old Kylie Jenner running a factory is a guaranteed recipe for worker exploitation. Even the most ethical factories tend to devolve into sweatshop scenarios, so when you put that under the management of a girl who’s never worked a job yourself, you can bet it’s gonna be minimum pay and minimum benefits. After all, that’s how the makeup and fashion industries survive, right?!

But goddamn, I’d be lying if I denied still wanting that lip kit. This is how capitalism works, right?