Justin Bieber Has Dreads Now, I Guess?

America’s baby brother Justin Bieber  is really leaning into this whole teenage dirtbag thing. First, he peed into a mop bucket. Then, he pouted his way through a deposition – you know, like an adult. In October, he showed the entire universe his Lil Smokey. And, shortly after that, he launched the beginning of what we all assumed was his redemption tour, both literally and figuratively

Yeah, he’s still a dirtbag, but that stupid palm print jacket Yves St. Laurent jacket that he’s been wearing around is beautiful and I would be a liar if I didn’t say I spent more than an hour in a crowded H&M in Midtown this weekend looking for something similar. But! Just when I thought the Biebz and I were on speaking terms, he showed up with dreads. See below.


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

“Why” indeed, Justin. “Why” indeed.

Naturally, this picture of Bieber’s poorly-executed and shabby dreads has raised high the cultural appropriation flag, and rightfully so. I’m convinced that Bieber has been famous for so long that he’s lost any concept of what is or isn’t right, so if you subscribe to this nihilistic worldview, then this is just one drop in the bucket of ugh. It’s also…not good. At all.

This new look was on full display at the iHeartRadio awards where Bieber performed this weekend. Here’s a delicious little clip of his new hair flopping with limp enthusiasm.