It’s Monday, Why Not Like This Zac Efron Instagram?

Where does Zac Efron the man end and Zac Efron the artist begin? No one knows and no one cares.

Let’s just take a moment and enjoy the gift of a former Disney star screaming “FREE WEED!” over and over again to promote his upcoming feature film. This Instagram video has gotten — I kid you not — 428,000 likes. That’s more than Kylie Jenner’s most recent magazine cover and Blake Shelton’s photo of a tractor combined but, hey, it’s not a competition. It’s Monday; do you feel like tossing Zac Efron an Instagram like?

@sethrogen Fixing up Teddy's most important lines for #neighbors2 in ADR. #freeweed

A video posted by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

“Who loves ADR for Neighbors?” Efron asks in the vid, before remembering, “Neighbors 2.” 

It is unconfirmed whether Efron, currently filming Baywatch with Dwayne “Leah’s third most embarrassing celebrity crush” Johnson, is living in a Dadaist James Francoist whirlwind where life and art have become one. Until then we can all rest assured that Neighbors 2 is getting the sound editing it deserves.

There is a puppy in the video. If you won’t like for Zac, perhaps you’ll like for this dog.

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