Amy Schumer Is As Obsessed With Hamilton As You Are

Amy Schumer has always seemed like a woman of the people, but perhaps never moreso than during her current very public obsession with Hamilton. Sure, Schumer can gets tickets to the damn thing. Okay, once she’s there she leaves a $1000 tip. But according to EW, she’s also listening to the soundtrack with her sister every morning on their walk to work. Just like you!

She poses with her Playbills — just like you would if it wasn’t totally embarrassing.

Our name is Alexander Hamilton

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The two are so into the show that said sister, Inside Amy Schumer producer Kim Caramele, wrote an insidery sketch based on the soundtrack. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton writer and star, appears as a bored consultant.

There are a few bits of Schumer-style humor in here for the uninitiated (see: Amy’s pre-performance mantra, “You are not nothing. You are not nothing. You are not overweight.”) but if you don’t have complicated emotions about Aaron Burr, U.S. Vice President from 1801-1805, this probably isn’t the sketch for you.

Judging from personal experience, this obsession will end by the time her show premieres on April 21. At least she’ll always have the memory of the time she got to go backstage!

Abhhhhhh #hamilton #bunk

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