A Worker Put A Mexican Flag On The Vancouver Trump Tower As A Statement

The rampant racism and xenophobia of Donald Trump is no secret. From his call to ban Muslims from the U.S. to his brilliant idea to build a wall along the Mexican Border, he has successfully branded himself as the presidential face of white supremacy. Given his commitment to blasting the workers that have built his empire, it seems only fitting that a worker planted a Mexican Flag on his new Trump Tower.

Born in Mexico, Diego Saul Reyna now lives and works as a steel framer in Canada, where he said many of his friends were building the new Trump Tower.

Reyna wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday:

“From the concrete pouring, finishing, drywall, taping, wood forming and general labour, Mexicans were there, building it. The comments Trump has made about us, did not stop us from doing the high quality work we have always done, in our home country or when we migrate to North America.”

Friends working onsite didn’t want to get in trouble for doing it themselves, so they gave Reyna access to the 20th floor of the tower.  He climbed to the top of the 63-story building in order to plant the Mexican flag.

“They kept telling me their frustration, their anger and their hurt but they can’t say anything,” Reyna, 30, told reporters of his friends, “So I did it because I don’t work there.”

His Facebook post immediately went viral, with large support from the immigrant community at large as well as Americans and Canadians who equally disdain Trump’s bigotry. Although Trump himself has yet to respond or take action against this small but notable act of defiance, hopefully it will signal more workers to band together against his intense levels of bullshit.

As Reyna concluded, “The flag was a reminder that in Canada we are united and Mexicans are not criminals. We are bringing positive things into society.”

(Huffington Post)