Women Of Indiana Phone Governor’s Office To Tell Him About Their Periods

Sicko conservative as hell Indiana Governor Mike Pence has signed one of the most extreme anti-abortion laws in the country and women are seriously pissed.

Part of his law includes a ban on abortions based on race, sex and disability, requiring abortion doctors to ask invasive personal questions of women seeking to terminate their pregnancies. Because of this absurd invasion of our privacy, the women in his state decided that they will give him some information about their innards so maybe he can feel extra happy about his decision.

A new Facebook campaign called Periods for Pence is urging women to call Governor Pence’s office as much as they can, and let him know what’s going on with their monthlies.

The woman who started the page wishes to remain anonymous but she did say: “I wanted to give a voice for women who really didn’t feel like they were given any kind of input into a bill that would affect our life so much.”

Go “like” the page right now to follow the goings-on in Indiana and the cool women joining in on this crusade.

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