Smithers Finally Comes Out As Gay In Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’, Inspired By Writer’s Gay Son

Smithers’s sexuality has been an open secret on The Simpsons for a long time. The character is Mr. Burns’s assistant and has been in love with his boss since the beginning. Voiced by Harry Shearer, Smithers has had many episodes showing him fantasizing about being coupled with Mr. Burns and other obvious “hints.”

But here, Smithers finally accepts that the love he has for Burns will probably go unrequited, and is instead helped to get over it (by finding a new romantic prospect) with the help of Homer Simpson.

Coolest part about this? The storyline was inspired by its writer’s relationship with his gay son.

Rob LaZebnik, the writer of this episode told The New York Post: “I am a Midwestern guy, so I don’t tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, but I thought, ‘What better way to tell my son I love him than to write a cartoon about it?’”

Ah we love this!