Woman Ordered Photos Of Her Ghost Daughter To Cover Up Murder

Sometimes the story of a crime is so surreal it sounds more like the plot of an arthouse film than an actual violent crime. That applies seven-fold to the skin-tingling story of a North Carolina mother who murdered her 2-year-old daughter Macy Gray, and commissioned a photoset of herself with her daughter’s ghost to elicit public sympathy.

Little Macy was rushed to the hospital December 2nd, covered in bruises, and declared dead. After thorough examination, medical examiners said her bruises were reflective of child abuse and said that her death was a homicide. Just last week, her mother, Jeannie Ditty, and her boyfriend Zachary Keefer were finally arrested, but not before Ditty ordered some legitimately haunting photos.

CREDIT: Sunny Jo

Ditty contacted the photographer Sunny Jo, who photoshops portraits of clients with deceased loved ones, and told him she wanted a series with her late daughter  who she said choked to death on a banana.

Not realizing he was dealing with a psychopath, Jo had empathy for Ditty, saying, “I felt so bad for the grieving mother that I decided to do $500 worth of work for free because of the situation.”

CREDIT: Sunny Jo

After the news came out that the couple murdered little Macy and the photos were intended as a distraction technique (or possibly a creepy defense in court), Jo was immediately flooded with hate mail for merely doing his job.

“I regret that I’m attached to a situation that is so evil, and is so vile,” Jo said.

After attempting to pull one of the most elaborate murder-cover up stunts I’ve heard in awhile, 23-year-old Ditty and her 32-year-old boyfriend Keefer are both being held without bond under charges of first degree murder and negligent child abuse. Good fucking riddance.