Netflix Now: The Mask You Live In

Writer, director, and activist Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s latest documentary, The Mask You Live In, hits Netflix today, and it’s worth a look for anyone who’s interested in the flip side of sexism. The Mask You Live In examines the destructive effects of how we define and regulate ideas of masculinity in the US, and its toxic effect on the mental and emotional health of men and boys. The doc also touches on how the culture of aggressive masculinity is linked to violence, such as the mass shootings we’re practically inured to. It also offers a look at the grown men who work as advocates to help teenage boys grow up to be well-adjusted, emotionally open men,

Newsom’s previous doc, Miss Representation, examined American sexism in the media with insights from such stalwarts as Margaret Cho, Rachel Maddow, Geena Davis, and Rosario Dawson. She was also behind the #AskHerMore project, which got female celebs on red carpets being asked about more than who they’re wearing.

Check out The Mask You Live In on Netflix and other streaming platforms.