Mississippi Fast Tracks Anti-LGBT Bill In Eager Anticipation Of Legalized Discrimination

Well! The Mississippi House certainly wasted no time in approving their new “religious freedom” bill and sending it right off to the Governor’s desk to be signed!

Mississippi Senate Passes Astoundingly Stupid Anti-LGBT "Religious Freedom" Bill
Here we go again! Joining in on what seems to be the hot trend this week, the Mississippi senate passed an anti-LGBT "but we swear this is totally just about Jesus" bill last night even more broad than the one passed in North Carolina or the one recently vetoed in Georgia

Clearly, they didn’t want to waste a single moment before giving bigoted employers the sheer joy of being able to fire a person for being gay or transgender, or to hang up a sign saying “Women Who Wear Pants Need Not Apply,” or to let a limousine company refuse to provide a car and driver for a same-sex wedding or for a couple they suspect has had sex before marriage! You know, before this shit is overturned by a court, because “religious freedom” doesn’t actually give you the right to discriminate against anyone!

It’ll be just like the glorious old days so many are too young to remember. The days when black people had separate bathrooms and water fountains, and even if you didn’t had a pot to piss in, you could always say “Well, at least I’m still a white person. I’ve got that going for me!”

Of course, supporters of the bill are cleverly trying their darndest to pretend that this is a totally different thing than all the other times people wanted to use their religion as an excuse to discriminate against people, and insist that it’s not discrimination at all. In fact, State Rep Randy Boyd even insists that all the real discrimination is directed towards Christians, stating,

“I don’t uphold discrimination but I believe the Christian belief is more discriminated against than other things. … I’m trying to get a happy medium here where people get their rights and other people aren’t pressured into doing anything they don’t believe in against their religious beliefs.”

Yes, the religious belief of 80% of the country experiences all kinds of discrimination. Like when people won’t let them discriminate against other people, or use state funds to promote their religion, or require students in public schools to pray to their God! Not the kind of discrimination though, that would legally allow me to open up a business and refuse to serve them. Not that kind. The other kind where you don’t actually get to do everything you want, because you live in a society with other people. That kind of discrimination.

Anyway, if Gov. Phil Bryant does sign this legislation, I actually do hope all these fools get to really enjoy and savor this brief period of time when they get to once again legally discriminate against a group of people and ban them from their places of business. I hope those few months are everything they ever dreamed of. And that maybe, perhaps, they finally just get this shit out of their system, because it is really getting tired.

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