Everyone Wants This John Stamos Prank to Be Real

In a genius double troll, Netflix spent time and money into crafting an April Fool’s documentary trailer titled Stamos: A Human, Being. Watch as John Stamos, while wearing many bracelets, makes a pitch for a new original series about his years in the spotlight. I’ll just say it: His skin looks amazing.

“You’ve built more than a life for yourself. You’ve built a brand. Please let us use your beloved brand to take Netflix to that next level,” Stamos says to camera, in what I  assume is a recreation of how Netflix actually pitched him on this story.

This joke is annoying on two levels. They fooled me once, because I couldn’t have clicked on this faster. And they fooled me twice, because now I want this series to exist. Thankfully, I’m not alone. YouTube commenters are into it: “I would watch this … If this is an April fools joke, I will be disappointed!” writes one soon-to-be-saddened fan. Another certain Fuller House fan writes, “gosh darn it april fools i wanna actually see this lol”.

Here’s the full video:

Thank you Netflix and thank you, John for another reminder to beware of any hot man who acts suspiciously serviceable — today and every day.