French Courts Will Jail a Man for Sending His Ex the Gun Emoji

A 22-year-old French boy-man will learn a lesson about the power of text messages after being sentenced to jail time for sending his ex-girlfriend threatening texts, including the gun emoji. After a “bad breakup,” the man’s messages left his ex afraid to leave her home, says The Local.

His lawyer argued that an emoji “without context” could “hardly” be considered a death threat. (Really? A picture of a gun?) A judge decreed the texts “threat via image” and sentenced him to six months in jail plus €1,000 in damages. This isn’t the first such case in France — this man has a stalker brethren who was sentenced to 10 months in jail after calling and texting his own poor ex almost 22,000 times. “I tell myself, with hindsight, that it was stupid,” said the man, who then went on to tell the court that he had a “passion for writing.” Let’s all be on the lookout for his future blog.