Amber Rose’s Emoji App is Definitely Not a Copy of Kim’s So Stop Asking

Amber Rose’s MuvaMoji App, which is definitely very different than Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji, has been available for 24 hours and already made a cool $2 million. According to TMZ, who probably celebrates with an office-wide round of 5-hour energy shots any time there’s Amber Rose-Kim Kardashian news, Rose claims there was no attempt to rip off noted frenemy Kim Kardashian’s app.

Rose, who got in a very public Twitter feud with Kim’s husband Kanye West just a few months ago, would have no reason to make bank off the Kardashians.

#MuvaMoji is Out Now! Available in the App Store and Android ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Link in my Bio

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Rose’s app has over 900 “curated emoji,” including a thong, stripper pole, lube, handcuffs, marijuana leaf, and more. “I’m so happy with them! I took a lot of time with the creative and I really wanted to make it very accurate to my life. Things that I do and things I like,” she tells People. Kim, on the other hand, is thinking more about us: “I wanted to create emojis that everyone wishes they had. And we wanted to push the limits as far as we could, LOL!”

Wherever you loyalties lie, more condom emojis are good news for us all.