Women Are Kicking Ass At Hulu

Your eyes don’t deceive you: Women are some of the most prominent showrunners at Hulu.

The Decider has a great article about the excitement surrounding all of the executive producers, showrunners, and stars over at the network (Can we call it a network if it’s based online? I don’t know the rules anymore), and how exciting it is to see women creating the bulk of Hulu’s original content.

The essay digs into what’s happening behind the scenes that helped place Hulu in such a progressive place. Beatrice Springborn, Head of Orignals at Hulu, is happy to see so many women working at the network, but insists it all happened organically.

“I think in a lot of these cases, it happened naturally,” said Springborn. “Obviously, we’re conscious of it and it’s something that we promote and encourage, but for us, we also just happened to have the best material that came through had female showrunners. And that was fantastic.”

Drama development executive Jessica Scott confirms that there is no company mandate saying they have to hire women, but she’s noticed that women—traditionally locked out of the showrunning landscape—have the exact kind of fresh, new ideas they’re looking for, probably due to the fact that they have been cast aside for so long. A lot of these women buck the status quo simply by having had more freedom to explore their creativity outside the confines of traditional network TV.

It’s a really great read that makes you want to run out and create a TV show of your very own.