This ‘Jaws’ Fan Died As He Lived—Completely Obsessed With A Movie

How do you decide what should stand in as an avatar of your life when you’ve crossed over to the sweet hereafter? A man buried near Pittsburgh might have figured out a solution.

Korean War veteran Lester C. Madden was buried in the Alleghany Cemetery in 1983 under a sleek, pointed tombstone that mirrors the original art for the movie Jaws. According to Atlas Obscura, he loved the movie so much that he wanted his bones to come to their final rest under the iconic image.

I hope this becomes a trend. Top five movie image tombstones I hope to see in the near future:

  • The Aliens alien
  • Kevin Gnapoor from Mean Girls business card (Math enthusiast / Bad-ass M.C.)
  • Imperator Furiousa from Mad Max: Fury Road in that part where she’s kneeling on the ground, screaming
  • Lily Tomlin from 9 to 5 stirring rat poison into a mug
  • A stone carving of me making out with Benedict Cumberbatch. And not even over my own grave!

I kind of can’t believe that the Avatar craze from years ago didn’t result in some intense tombstones. We have to think outside the coffin, people!