‘Star Wars’ Baby Names Are Not As Popular As You Think, Thankfully

My friend Ariel has to hear, “like The Little Mermaid?” each and every time she introduces herself. If you choose to name your child after an iconic movie character, it’s important to understand that you are subjecting them to a lifetime of answering annoying questions about the origin of their name. With the release of the most recent Star Wars film, there have been oodles of articles circulating insisting that there is a rising trend of babies being named “Kylo” and “Rey” after the characters in the film.

First of all, why would you name your child after a ruthless villain like Kylo? That’d be like naming your daughter Cruella or your son Joffrey. “Rey” makes much more sense to me. She has the power of the force of her side and if you’re contemplating naming your daughter “Rae,” which is lovely name,  you might as well spell it “Rey” if your a super-fan of the franchise.

According to Entertainment Weeklythis “trending fad” is bogus. They asked a baby name expert, which I honestly didn’t know exist until just today. Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, sets the record straight.

“If you look at the actual data… frankly, it’s non-existent,” she told EW. “Popular Star Wars names like Luke and Anakin are actually declining.”

I’m personally torn on the subject of baby names. While most unique and obscure names subject young children to ridicule and constant questioning, I do think it’s important in this day and age to ensure that your child with have little difficulty in getting their desired website domain.