Cool, We’ve Rebranded Sleep As Something Called “Slowave”

K-Hole, the horribly named art collective that brought us “normcore,” is now rebranding sleep.

According to The Cut, member Sean Monahan is on a quest to make sleep seem like a chill new moment instead of time between Netflix binges. They partnered with mattress company Casper on a site called SleepSleepSleepSleep. The Cut thinks they’re making sleep more punk rock.

So Slowave’s commitment to getting a good night’s rest feels like its own kind of radical act. When we’re all working so hard to try to reduce our need for sleep in order to stay more connected, be more active, live life more fully, the person who revels in a solid ten hours actually seems kind of punk. That person is a disciple of Slowave.

If this works I might rocket myself into the sun. Do we really need to make sleep a social project? Can’t we just pop some Tylenol PM and leave our laptops in another room like a regular adult? Sleep is super important to your overall health, but I’m skeptical of anyone who wants to turn normal human functions into a marketing opportunity.